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On the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. NEW YORK -- With The Star-Spangled Banner, a bagpipe tribute and a moment of silence, a ceremony marking the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks solemnly kicked off in Lower Manhattan on Thursday.
The White House marked the anniversary with a moment of silence. Events also will take place at the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pa., where the other planes crashed that day.
In New York, the roll call of the victims began shortly after 8:46 a.m., the same time 14 years ago that the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center.
I must confess that I like the millions and even billions of people around the world suffered dupenosis  (inability to think beyond what the eyes thought it saw) on 911.  I thought I saw a plane hit tower number two on September 11, 2001.  I thought that the conspiracy theorist talking about no planes hitting WTC were complete idiots who were blind. Even Stevie Wonder could see the plane hit the towers. Then I accidently stumbled upon a video when I was looking for proof to support my theory.
I realized that the government at the time was made up of masonic Disney like cartoon characters capable of wizardry.  I looked deeper beyond what my eyes thought they saw to the real truth of the matter that I was duped and was suffering from dupenosis.  The NWO mass media machine had mesmerized me into thinking that planes had hit the Twin Towers on September 11,2001. 

9/11 " Dust Lady," Marcy Borders, dies of cancer

NEW YORK -- The photo of a young woman coated in dust and ash was one of the iconic images of September 11, 2001. Marcy Borders, then a 28-year-old legal assistant, became known as the "Dust Lady." Now, nearly 14 years later, Borders has died of cancer.
On the day of the attacks, Borders was working for Bank of America in the World Trade Center. She made it down from the 81st floor and stepped onto the sidewalk as the South Tower began to fall, CBS New York reports. That's when photographer Stan Honda captured the famous image of Borders covered in ash and looking like a ghost.
Borders, a mother of two who lived in Bayonne, New Jersey, was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. She died Monday at the age of 42.
Her brother, Michael Borders, posted a message on Facebook Monday morning asking for people to pray for her. Late Monday night, he wrote: "I can't believe my sister is gone."
In another Facebook post on a 9/11 memorial page, John Bordes, Marcy Borders' cousin, called her "my HERO" and said she "unfortunately succumbed to the diseases that have riddled her body since 9/11."continue reading-dust-lady

If you are a victim of dupenosis, check out the following videos.  
After watching the videos and researching the information don't cure your dupenosis, than you are suffering from dumbnosis.
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Question that the 911 commision couldn't answer. If two planes hit two Towers, Why did Tower Seven fall?

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3000 died at the World Trade Center but American Military Casualties in Iraq as result of 911- 4488, US Military Deaths in Afghanistan 2114.

In Iraq over 115,000 civilian deaths as a result of the 911 conflict.

Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Invasion of Iraq ...
Apr 30, 2010 – Top 25 of 2012 • Top 25 of 2011 • Top 25 of 2010 • Top 25 of 2009 • Top 25 of 2008 ... Title: “Iraq death toll rivals Rwanda genocide, Cambodian killing fields” .... recognition, a scientific investigation of deaths caused by the war in Iraq. .... On 9/11 And The Invasions Of Iraq & Afghanistan

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By John Horgan | September 10, 2012 | Comments 11 .... The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in the deaths of more than 6,500 Americans so

families: War's other casualties - CBS News

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When I pause to remember 9.11.01, my memories seem to drift from one scenario to another, from one atrocity to the next.  Most of all, when I remember 9/11, my mind reels from the vast numbers of inexplicable coincidences which seem to revolve around this national tragedy.
I remember that over 200 people jumped to their deaths from The Twin Towers, no longer able to withstand the suffocating smoke and searing flames.  I remember their heart-breaking, terrifying leaps into the empty nothingness of space — just to be free, to exist for a mere 10 seconds more, before suffering instant death on the concrete sidewalks of the World Trade Center below.  I remember the thousands of fire fighters and rescue workers who died slow, lingering deaths, as many still do ’till this day, because our Environmental Protection Agency had falsely assured them that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe, despite the fact that all the workers from the EPA always wore full HazMat suits at Ground Zero.
I remember how the top of the South Tower was COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED  from the lower portion of that building and was falling from it, yet we were told by the toads of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) that the tops of the World Trade Centers acted like “pile drivers” to collapse the structures beneath them– even tho the structures beneath them were completely undamaged, and the structures above them weighed nearly the exact same amount as they did before the plane strikes.  And whereas real ‘pile drivers’ must be raised far into the air and then dropped for any ‘pile driving’ effect to actually take place, it is my recollection of that day that neither top of either World Trade Center was lifted and then dropped onto the building below it.   However, I do remember that the designers of the World Trade Centers had stated that they had designed both World Trade Centers to survive multiple strikes from fully fueled 4 engine transatlantic airliners, and that somehow, all 47 of the steel core columns of both buildings disappeared even tho neither plane struck either central core of either tower.
I will also remember that jet fuel, with perfect vaporization, can reach approx. 1600 degrees Farenheit, while structural steel melts at approximately 2700 degree Farenheit.   I also remember that the majority of the fuel from both planes burned outside of the buildings.  I remember that a fire broke out in one of the towers at the World Trade Center in 1993 and burned for over 6 hours without causing ANY structural damage to that building, just as I will remember that nowhere else on the planet has any steel framed high rise building ever collapsed from fire, even from fires  that burned for 18 hours straight.   I definitely remember that the World Trade Center towers were the first — and only — steel framed buildings to completely collapse due to fire at any time, anywhere in the world, altho both of these fires lasted less than two hours.
I do remember wondering how it was that 90,000 tons of hardened steel and re-enforced concrete could essentially be vaporized into a powder finer than talc, and spread throughout lower Manhattan; I wondered how unburned particles of military grade nano-thermite could be found in the residue throughout the World Trade Center, and dismissed because the samples had not come from “official government sources.”   I wondered about the psychic ability of the person who had arranged for the sale of scrap metal from the World Trade Center collapse to be sold and shipped to China, months in advance of the attack on the World Trade Center; just as I wondered how “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, who owned The World Trade Center and who ritually enjoyed breakfast every morning at the “Windows on the World Restaurant” on the top floor of The World Trade Center, had somehow decided not to do so on the morning of September 11th.
I will remember that only a day after the World Trade Center Towers  #1 and #2 collapsed, investigators discovered glowing hot spots of radioactivity under both piles of rubble; and that rivers of molten steel were observed running under both World Trade Centers as late as December 21st, over three months after their collapse; what sort of otherworldly jet fuel could do that?… I remember wondering.   I even remember that nearly all the gold and silver bars stored in the basements of the World Trade Center towers were removed the previous day, but that one truck  was found stuck under the debris pile.  Somehow, the custodians of all that gold and silver (nearly 100 tons of precious metals) had apparently moved it out on a hunch or a whim the day before 9/11, because, of course, no one other than the alleged hijackers and Osama bin Laden had advance knowledge of this event.
I will remember the denials of our government that the black boxes from the planes which struck The World Trade Center towers were not found at Ground Zero, when three of the four boxes actually were found at Ground Zero by firefighters Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, who publicly stated in 2004 that they had found them.  I remember reading that Bellone and De Masi said that Federal agents told the two men not to mention having found them, and all the black boxes were immediately confiscated by the FBI.
I remember that approximately one month before 9/11, both towers were shut down for an entire weekend, electrical power to both towers completely cut, and bomb sniffing dogs removed from both buildings, while anonymous “workers” in gray suits, hauling huge cables on their arms, moved in and out of both towers, doing “repairs” of an unknown nature, resulting in people returning to their offices the following Monday at The World Trade Center to find a 1/2 inch layer of dust covering everything.
I will remember that two seismographs in New York (separately) recorded deep, underground disturbances approximately 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower, which could indicate cutting charges severing both buildings from their foundations by explosives — or perhaps New York City coincidentally suffered two significant earthquakes precisely 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower. You do believe in coincidence, don’t you?continue reading


Founded in 2006, Pilots For 9/11 Truth is a growing organization of aviation professionals researching and analyzing the events of September 11, 2001
Scholars for 9/11 Truth: The 9/11 scholars group has two major websites. Visit either of both of these to learn the truth about 9/11.